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Welcome to the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP)


Students who engage in misconduct that mandate removal are reassigned to the DAEP.  DAEP is a safe and caring learning environment that assists students in overcoming challenges that may place them "at-risk" of academic failure and distuptive behavior so that they can learn, graduate and become productive community contributors.  DAEP also helps each student develop the skills and control necessary to prepare for his or her return to a traditional school program.



Message from Mr. Nemons:


Hello! I'm Jason Nemons, and this will be my eighth year teaching at Groesbeck High School. I am the DAEP Teacher here, which is where I have been my entire career as a teacher.

I continue to have the same drive in my teaching career that I have had since year one. The students that I work with daily are what make me want to continue learning as an educator. Since starting at GISD, I have continued my education and received my Masters Degree in Education Administration from Tarleton State University in 2018, to go along with  my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from The University of Texas at San Antonio, which I received in 2011. 

Apart from teaching, I am a husband to my lovely wife Erin and a father to five children: Jessica, Adalayis, Nicholas, Jace and Kourtney. I’m a huge sports fan and like attending different sporting events, being outdoors, and most importantly, spending time with my family!

Coach Imari Simpson, Mrs. Patricia Watson and Mr. Erick Ham are other staff members that make up the DAEP program. 

Go Goats!


Jason D. Nemons

DAEP Teacher