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Possible Affirmative Cases

Possible Affirmative Cases

This year's resolution provides for a wide variety of affirmative cases that students can really latch on to with a strong emotional belief.  Many possibilities are listed below!


1.  Law of the Sea:  Develop Energy Resources, Reduce Risk of Conflickt, Protect the  Ocean Environment.

Read this article:  "China's Rise is a Big Reason to Ratify the Law of the Sea Convention"

2.  Ocean Energy:  Global Warming, Oceans Especially Threatened, Ocean Renewable Energy Superior.

Read Offshore Wind: Decision Time

3.  Rare Earths:  Vital to National Security, China has Monopoly, Ocean Offers Superior Alternative.

Read Dominating the World: China and the Rare Earth Industry

4.  Seaports:  Federal Responsibility, Vital to US Economy, Vital to Environment, RAMP Act Solves.

Read RAMP Act Remnant to stop the theft of Harbor Maintenance Tax...

5.  Coral Reefs:  Reefs Dying Now, All Life in the Ocean is at Risk, Restoration is Superior to Preservation

Read Biorock giving new life to coral reefs

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