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Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp)

Extemp events are broken down into two categories:  

          Informative (tell me about the topic) and

          Persuasive (take a stand, yes or no)

Here's how it works:

Speakers show up to the Draw.  When they are called upon, the speakers will draw 5 topics out of an envelope.  They will select the one they are most knowledgeable of, then return the other 4 topics to the envelope.

Speakers will have 30 minutes to study and develop a speech.  This includes the time it took to select a topic.

Speakers will then be called upon again.  This time they will go to another room and speak before a judge.  Speakers will have 7 minutes to deliver their speech.

Some examples of Informative questions might be:

1.  What impact would Rupert Murdoch's purchase of Time Warner have on the American media industry?

2.  What is wrong with Malaysia Airlines?

3.  What is the best way for Bolivia to eradicate extreme poverty?

4.  How can the Republican Party enhance its appeal to blue collar workers?

Some examples of Persuasive questions might be:

1.  Would dividing California into six states produce a terrible economic outcome?

2.  Should vaccinations become compulsory for all American citizens?

3.  Should nations be held legally liable when their peacekeepers fail to protect civilian populations?

4.  Is the world making significant progress in the fight against AIDS?

An excellent website to refer to for extempers would be Extemp Central, presented by Speech Geek.  (click here!)

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